How to make transfer timely transfer of House Property

It is over whelming challenge to Property Valuations Melbourne take up the procedural transfers of house property following the decision of divorce of couple. Both are going through difficult times. There is a lot of shift and take care. Specially, if they have children there is a lot to care; emotionally, physically and psychologically. 

In these times, a House property valuation is never on their mind. Even if they apply for they are either completely accepting of their conditions, they want this process to get over as soon as possible. They would be in a situation to just get this thing done on time. Any valuator who has dramatically reduced turnaround times, improved accuracy and with an increased valuer performance is actually required. 

A residential valuation services is a must for these couple who own the property and wanting to depart peacefully. Filing case papers and fighting cases are a tedious task. An expert valuator who can understand these issues and work it out in the midst of all of these can only take up the task. Client urgently requires a clear and concise report containing a detailed analysis market research of recently comparable properties. In case of re-marriages this requirement is the highest. 

In case of company, with a structure of singular ownership operating as borderless business with consistent policy and procedures as well as excellent coordination and communication, allowing a single point of contact for the management of larger portfolios and projects. 

It becomes a duty for the valuator who should also be one of the objectives: to empower the client with knowledge in order to make confident decisions about property’s value.

Especially in a case like this a Value added Service is a prime requirement:

Y married W and gifted a Home to W which is in the name of the Y’s Company. W and Y have children. Divorced with W and married to Q. Now, W and children still stay in the house of Y in the name of the company.  When Y is married with Q, Y dies in accident leaving all property in no name. This was not envisaged. And W is in a dilemma as Q is forcing W to leave all belonging of Y to her. But Y had left an amount for W before marriage with Q sufficient enough to buy the house Q wants to take over from W. It requires an expert Property valuator to estimate the current amount payable if Q agrees to sell. This case requires impartial, balanced residential valuations for the following matters:

  • Mortgage security (accepted by all major banks) 
  • Pre-purchase advice/auction 
  • Pre-sale 
  • Stamp duty 
  • Capital gains tax 
  • Family law/matrimonial 
  • Market valuation 

It will require Conveyance solicitor and an expert legal expert to sit upon this case if Q disagrees.