Property Valuations

Property Valuation and Property valuer both are central to real estate business.

Buying and selling a home is like finding for your first love. You will be spending rest of your life in that home. One will be spending their whole share of hard earned income investing in the home. Before spending the value for the home, the knowledge of real value and the worth of the property are important to be known.Estimating the value of the property can be done by the buyers themselves as there are ‘DIY’ kits available. The internet contains valuable information that can be utilized.

Property Valuers resort to various tools and techniques to find out more about the fair market value. There are various methods of property valuation. The estimates that professional property valuers will give will be nine out of ten times an accurate estimate. The property valuers use basic valuation reports that calculate using various methods and value of the intended use or the reason of valuation. Market value is indicative of nature and it does not have legal sanction behind it. Hence, the property valuer will look deeper into many intricate estimates that can have legal sanction which a bank or lending institutions also can use. Banks and lending financial institutions almost depend on the values calculated by the property valuation in the valuation reports that will determine the amount of the loan that a customer is eligible for mortgaging his property.

Hence, very first thing on the customer’s mind before going for buying a dream home should be to raise a property valuation report. Whether going for a loan or mortgage or even not for that sake– to know the real worth of the asset they will be now possessing. Property valuers as professional would naturally not like to tarnish their names in the development of their career by doctoring a report for few more dollars paid. 

Valuation report thus generated by the banks and the lending institutions are through a professional valuer hired by them serves as much more than a piece of document for banks, financial institutions, and government departments. The is usually aware and experienced with the kind of information the team or individual property valuer will be giving them. But, when it comes to the customers quite a few qualitative reports will be of great use to the customers. 

For example, the mention about infrastructure development, the availability or absence of various amenities and facilities which are a few things the customers and stakeholders could find of an immense help. It is quite safe to conclude that there are a quite a few important pieces of information in good property valuer’s report which a buyer have to consider as his limitation when going for valuation with ‘DIY’ kits. This makes it mandatory to hire a professional property valuer.